Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dear John

They stood side by side, only a thin wall of lacquered wood dividing them.

Ravyn stared down, unsure of what to think. How to feel about.... this.

Beside him, Lethane finished up and then looked over the wall and down at the focus of the ex-hero's attention.

"Damn, man."

Rayvn looked at him sharply. "Don't say it."

Lethane said it. "That had to hurt."

The snap punch caught Leth in the jaw so hard, it sent him backwards through the stall behind him, over the toilet, through the stall beside that and into the tile wall beyond. He left a small crater in the concrete, slumping to the ground before the debris of his passage had even settled.

Raven flushed, straightened his clothes, and went back out to find Mic and work out how he was going to pay the damages.

On the floor, still seeing stars, the blue elf grinned past a split lip.

"Heh... totally worth it."

1 comment:

erisraven said...

Oh wow. Leth's a real meanie. Of all the places to pierce...

ANd yeah, I agree, Leth. TOTALLY worth it :)